Brotherhood of Gaming General Rules -- Read!

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Brotherhood of Gaming General Rules -- Read!

Post  Plaxterz on Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:47 pm

These rules must be followed always! No Excuses!

1. General Rules
1.1- No flaming! This means, no insulting members, no saying hurtful things toward anyone, or the group in general.
1.2- Follow all the rules (no-crap!)
1.3- No over-excessive swearing, or reference to Pornagraphy.
1.4- No advertising local BoG groups.
1.5- No advertising any websites unless your approved by an Admin.
1.6- No selling accounts.
1.7- Always post in the forum that best fits your topic.
1.8- No triple posting, double is accepted if it is not a bump.
1.9- Do not delete a topic unless it is spam or against the forum rules.
2.0- No talking about illegal things such as drugs.
2.1- No capitalizing your own threads title .
2.2- Do not be a troll.
2.3- Do not ask for promotions!
2.4- No posting topics in the "Site News". You may only reply to news that has been posted.
2.5- Don't report a post unless it is against the rules.

2.6- No religious argument whatsoever! Be respectful of people's beliefs!!!!
2.7- Do not discriminate against sexual preference or race.

*These rules apply to all forums of Brotherhood of Gaming*


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